2022-03-16 20:20 by Michael Tsang

First Peek at MakiLab

Well, I’m in the middle of doing a design iteration, so nothing to show about build progress. But, yesterday we found our new space for our lab.

Actually, that space in the video is a mirror of the one we are taking a few floors down in the same building, but it is the same size and layout.

Aside from office, prototyping, and production space, this will be a quazi Hackerspace and cowork space as well. I like random people around doing cool stuff, so that will give opportunities for all sorts of folk to be a part of what is going on there.

The renovation on our space is a bit further along, so we should be in there the first week of April, just in time to do the bulk of the shipments.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the new engineers to get them rolling, so things should start smoothing out and running a bit more in parallel.

This has been a good week, and I’m looking forward to the next few as things wrap up and we are able to start shipping and start looking at new projects.

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2022-03-15 20:42 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Assembled Prototype Extruder First Looks

Some like it hot.


But, I prefer something that is just hot enough. This is the first prototype assembly of how the hot end fits together. This isn't the final design by any means, just an iteration on the way to the final design. We will need to do one more iteration of this to the updated design to start getting first prints.

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2022-03-14 20:47 by Michael Tsang

Extrusion Mated and Next Steps

So, we have an extrusion system. A prototype one, but still a very unique extrusion system that is doing some really cool things. I didn’t get video of it in action, but at least have some more details about how it is working and what is next. (I didn’t get the working video because it is pretty late here and the hot end is starting to slip too much and I’m worried it will be pushed out, breaking the heater wires and whatnot.)

Pretty good results. I’ll do a prototype of the production hot end and see if we can get the first prints out very soon. The new engineering help will be coming aboard in the next few days, so we will start working in parallel, probably cutting out close to a week of time between now and when the production would be able to occur and will allow for some more iterating at the same time to improve the final design.

We are going to look at potential new homes for Makible tomorrow, so I’ll try to put up some video of that too.

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2022-03-13 20:56 by Michael Tsang

New Home & Calling in Backup

Getting things ready to ship at the same time as wrapping up the final design is a balancing act that requires a lot of hats, either on different heads or to be worn by the same person.

We’ve got a small team here at Makible, just Nick, Felix, Sarah, and myself, but that is about to change. We are bringing on some more engineers to the team to help get the MakiBox into the market quicker, so these sparse updates will hopefully be a little more frequent soon. This will be good so that we can do a lot of the final work in parallel, and can hit the production as soon as we have the final production PCBs.

It also looks like we might have a new home for out prototyping and production here in Hong Kong. Finding places here usually is a very long process, filled with hoping for lucky breaks. We will be looking at it on Thursday, but a place has come up which may be a great match for us, so that will help speed things up and make the production go more smoothly. Look forward to some pics on Thursday for that.

I’ve still got more work to do for the final integration to get the first prints. Wednesdays are usually a lot more productive for me, so I’ll try to wrap things up tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting the extra hands on board to speed everything up.

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2022-03-10 20:59 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 - Keeping the Junk in the Trunk

One part of the design for the MakiBox that hadn't been detailed before was exactly how we transported material from the drive to the extruder.


It was always the thought to use a small Teflon tube to guide the material, but how to keep it within the envelope of the box was something of a question.

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