2022-02-28 21:07 by Michael Tsang

Hot Plastic Action

Check out the Post over on Makibox.com for the full photo and video coverage of today’s exploits in the lab. End result, hot plastic coming out of an extruder nozzle that I can hold in my fingers and is less than an inch long.

Tomorrow is more of the same, make a rev 2 and then start working on the extruder drive system to move towards having the first print this week.

In other news, we have reached the funding threshold (and then some), so we will be continuing to gear up for production. We will ship out the first 100 within March if things continue to go smoothly, and then will work through any backlog of orders until we are shipping on demand.

Thanks everyone for their support and it is amazing to see the community coming together. Watch for more cool stuff coming up both on this project and on Makible.com in general.

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2022-02-28 21:00 by Jonathan Buford

Hot Ends and Other Important Bits


Yes, that is my finger in that picture. The little wire thingy is a 0.5mm drill bit. Finally was able to get started on building the hot ends for the MakiBox. Got working on the new lathe and found that the frame had cracked so that everything was not held in alignment. So, four hours later, I had a replacement and started over where I was this afternoon. Hong Kong is pretty cool that way, you just run over to the store that sells machines and tell them the first one isn't working.

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2022-02-27 22:27 by Michael Tsang

Hot Ends and Other Bits

Posted up the results for the days labors. Although at least a good chunk of it was running back to the machine store and swapping the lathes out after finding a cracked main casing on the first one was making everything wobbly.

Head over to today’s post for pics and the video.

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2022-02-26 21:33 by Michael Tsang

Extruders, Lathes, and Getting some rest

Just wanted to post a short update, expect quite a lot to happen in the next few days. If it looks like we will not make the current goal, we will just adjust to allow for whatever the final orders are at this point. But, it does look likely that we can meet the goal.

I did get my lathe in and setup yesterday. I needed to take some time off today to get some rest and will be back in the lab tomorrow to do the final push for wrapping up the extruder drive and hot end by Tuesday.

It is really amazing seeing the community building here, and we will start putting together some more resources on the MakiBox site to continue that growth.

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2022-02-24 22:39 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Improved Z Axis


Before making a test plot with a pen, I needed to hook up the controller and flash it with firmware that is adjusted for the MakiBox drive parameters. After getting that done, the extruder was going to be next, but ended up deciding to revise the Z Axis before moving on. I already mentioned that we were going to do one final motion platform iteration with the new 4mm brass bearings and rods, but this is the first working application of those parts.

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