2022-02-10 23:13 by Jonathan Buford

Testing Smaller Rods and Bronze Bearings

I ended up putting together a quick test rig with the new bearings and rods. The results are quite promising.


These bearings are a lot tighter tolerance, but still very smooth movement. They are oil impregnated, so as there is movement, it creates a layer of lubricant of sorts. Another big benefit is that they are press fit, so no more set screws, and the alignment is much, much better. So the end assembly will be much easier for the kit form. Another benefit is that the pieces that they fit into can be significantly smaller, so that lowers the weight and material usage as well as potentially making the mechanism that much more compact.

So, all in all, quite cool, looking forward to seeing what the end result is using these in a machine.

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2022-02-10 15:56 by Michael Tsang

Bearing Testing Results

Created a testing rig for the new bearings and rods. See Testing Smaller Rods and Bronze Bearings

Summary – significantly tighter tolerance with a nice, smooth operation.

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2022-02-10 15:50 by Michael Tsang

Z Axis Progress, Globalization, and Why Makible.com?

I posted up a few short updates on MakiBox.com: 
MakiBox A6 Support is Global
MakiBox Prototype Progress and Next Iteration Parts

One question that just came up again, and came up previously is why we posted this project here and not on Kickstarter? Other than the bias that we created Makible.com for this exact type of project, there are a few specific reasons: 

  • Kickstarter is a non-starter if you don’t have a US bank account to receive funds.
  • We prefer to use platforms that are open to anyone, regardless of where you bank or are located.
  • Makible connects up the manufacturing to the funding, making it more efficient and protects supporters from failed projects.
  • There have been many cases with Kickstarter projects that don’t ship what was promised, or it ships very, very late. Since Makible is handling the manufacturing and distribution, there is no need for a product innovator to handle these aspects until they have enough consistent need to build it up themselves. We evaluate each project to ensure that it is manufacturable and have existing resources for making and shipping items lined up. This reduces the lead time considerably already.
  • If something happens and the project is unable to ship, we guarantee that supporters will get their funds back. This is not possible with Kickstarter as the funds are already with the project innovator, so the funds may simply get used up without any return.

Ultimately, we think Makible can offer a better deal in the long run to innovators. This is especially true for ones just getting started. We want to foster an incubation like environment that takes care of the mundane aspects that benefit from larger volume or that may be outside of a typical designer’s or product developer’s expertise and allows them to focus on making cool new things.

Another aspect of this is where the MakiBox comes in. By developing new manufacturing processes that allow for lower volume break even points for products, more projects will become viable.

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2022-02-09 16:22 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Support is Global

With just a little over a week into the funding for the MakiBox A6, we've gotten 16 confirmed orders, and there are many more that are lined up watching the prototype progress. This is really fantastic so far, and what is very cool is how global the orders are so far.


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2022-02-09 16:02 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Prototype Progress and Next Iteration Parts

The Z axis is starting to come together. I botched up one of the parts when making it, so I'm building up a small collection of pretty and useless pieces of plastic.


What you see here is the Z Axis drive part. I'll put in the bearing shaft on the other side, and should have a usable table at that point. After that, I'll wire up the separate electronics for this one, and try the new firmware out.

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