2022-02-07 16:41 by Michael Tsang

Steady Progress

Still getting more developments on the prototype coming along. The last two days have been a mix of helping out users and getting parts made for prototyping. Mondays and Tuesdays are usually a mix of getting work done and having to host the Startup Monday Meetup and HackJam. We have a really great community growing here in HK.

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2022-02-05 16:45 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Update - XY Mechanism Iteration

When I got the current design of the XY mechanism together, I noticed that there was a little bit of stuttering going on with the right hand side of the bearings for the Y axis movement. It is not entirely unexpected, but I was hoping that the mechanism would be small enough and rigid enough to not run into this. 

I've come up with a few options of the next iteration I will be doing after wrapping up this current prototype, and already made a test change on the existing prototype to test out one of them: 

1. Remove the bearing on the non-driven end and support it with a rod to take the load without much friction:

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2022-02-05 16:40 by Jonathan Buford

Future of Manufacturing - Combining 3D Printing with CNC Finishing

Aside from developing the MakiBox, we are working on new processes to create a new breed of manufacturing. The time when tooling up something to make thousands of copies of the same exact design is coming to an end, and it is time to start figuring out new ways to make things so that products benefit from the same rapid evolution of software. Many people focus on the mass customization aspect of this type of technology, however, that doesn't take into consideration that there will always be a need for fairly standard stuff in our lives.


One potential direction is to combine additive and subtractive processes to create very finished, but tooless production.

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2022-02-05 16:32 by Michael Tsang

Prototype Update and Some R&D; Results

So, I’ve spent some of the time over the last couple of days doing some R&D, and not doing too much with moving the prototype ahead directly. After putting the XY mechanism together, I noticed that there was some stuttering going on, which is fixable, but would be good to have a plan for how to fix it.

See my post here for more details:


I also took a little bit of time to work on a side research that potentially will be used for MakiBox production. Basically, I’m looking at what the output is like if you combine both 3D printing with CNC machining. Some interesting results:


This next week will be wrapping up the first pass at the Z Axis and the Extruder. Should be interesting!

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2022-02-03 17:36 by Michael Tsang

MakiBox FAQ

I just started an FAQ on MakiBox.com: http://makibox.com/faq.html It will be continually updated as new things come up, so keep an eye out

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