2021-12-03 22:16 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Production Update - Farming out the packout.


We are up to our eyeballs in filament and printer assemblies here at the lab. We have made a lot of progress on getting the production moving along at a reasonable rate, but found that we were being limited by both space and focus. 

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2021-11-27 16:13 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox - Updated Tuning Guides

The MakiBox has been set up to be very quick to assemble and to help reduce the amount of odd things that can happen due to poor assembly, but it still takes a bit of TLC to get great prints out of it.


We've posted up the start of our tuning guide videos here in our Support Pages: Tuning

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2021-11-14 17:10 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox - And here we grow again!

And, this is how we are increasing the production rate. Thanks everyone for their helpful suggestions, we can take it from here now.

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2021-10-31 22:44 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 - Mass Production First Shipments


Above is MakiBox supporter #1's kit waiting for him to come and assemble it at the lab next week.

Today was a day of everyone working to see the first boxes out the door of this production run.

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